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March 14, 2005


Easy, effective, and affordable Microsoft® Outlook™ calendar sharing software alternative to Exchange Server, now available with OfficeCalendar Version 2

Dallas, TX – Lookout Software, Ltd., a leading provider of business software designed to empower small to medium businesses, today announced the release of OfficeCalendar Version 2; an easy, effective, and affordable Microsoft Outlook calendar sharing software alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. With OfficeCalendar, co-workers can share Outlook calendar information, tasks, and contacts, without the need for Microsoft Exchange Server. Group Calendar functionality also allows for a consolidated company calendar, all displayed and managed from within the users’ existing Microsoft Outlook interface.

Of the estimated 300 plus million corporate Microsoft Outlook clients/mailboxes in use today, Exchange Server powers approximately only 35%. Much of this user base is comprised of small to medium sized businesses that do not have the monetary resources, hardware, or expertise to license, install, configure and maintain Microsoft Exchange Server.

Exchange Server is now the only enterprise solution offered by Microsoft to allow users to exchange and share Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks. Due to the high-dollar, prohibitive entry point, and the overall cost of ownership for Exchange, most small to medium sized businesses are simply in the dark when it comes to sharing Outlook information. Inefficiencies within a non-communicative office environment, one where the proverbial right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, often lead to expensive blunders, including lost business and poorly serviced customers.

OfficeCalendar can be installed on practically any Microsoft Windows® based network, even basic peer-to-peer networks. The easy to install Outlook Add-in is intuitive for the end-user to use and provides powerful security at the administrator level to restrict access to users’ Outlook calendars, as the hierarchy of an organization dictates.

OfficeCalendar can be installed on practically any Microsoft Windows® based network, even basic peer-to-peer networks, and is designed to be easy to install, use and manage by computer users with little-to-no technical expertise. Thus, OfficeCalendar provides an attractive alternative to Microsoft’s Exchange Server, which often requires a significant investment in additional hardware, software, and expertise costs.

Additional features and benefits of OfficeCalendar include:

  •  .NET architecture allows synchronization of shared Outlook calendar, contact, and task information over the Internet, a viable solution for telecommuters and road warriors.
  •  Outlook group calendar provides a consolidated view of all staff members’ appointments within one calendar.
  •  Simple, yet comprehensive security, allows the OfficeCalendar administrator to determine each Outlook user’s access rights (read, write/edit, and delete) to other users’ Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks.
  •  Users can mark calendar, contact, and task items “private” so they are not viewable to others, even people with access to your shared Outlook calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  •  Does NOT require Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft’s only enterprise solution for sharing outlook calendar, contact and task information.
  •  Does NOT require Microsoft Server Operating Systems, which are required to use Exchange Server

Each user needing to share Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks using OfficeCalendar must have a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, or 2003. OfficeCalendar does work with a mixture of these Outlook versions, but does not work with Microsoft Outlook Express, a different product from Microsoft Outlook.

OfficeCalendar is available through Certified OfficeCalendar Partners and direct from Lookout Software. Introductory pricing starts at $99.95 (US$) per license with tiered quantity discounts starting as low as 5 licenses. A free 14-day version is available at www.officecalendar.com.

About Lookout Software

Lookout Software provides small and medium sized businesses with critical office communication, calendaring, and scheduling software to improve office efficiency, increase collaboration, and better service existing customers. Lookout Software’s flagship product, OfficeCalendar, is a cost effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks and creating a consolidated Outlook Group Calendar. At the core of Lookout Software’s business philosophy is the objective of providing software solutions that are within the budget constraints of a small or medium sized business. For more information visit www.officecalendar.com.

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