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What’s New in Version 11

Version 11 is an update to the Version 10.5 release, and contains these significant features/modifications:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Upgrade to .NET 4.5 architecture
  • Improved Offline handling
  • Shorter time sync options for On Demand Clients (5 minutes)
  • Configuration shield for Anti-Virus Applications

What’s New in Version 11

Lookout Software has been working hard over the past few months keeping OfficeCalendar compatible with all the latest technologies (Windows 10), and new Office Outlook offerings (2016), as well as fine tuning our application and services for existing customers.

Here’s a look at the features for OfficeCalendar Version 11:

Support for Office Outlook 2016 and Windows 10

Lookout Software is committed to its mission to support the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Windows. Thus, one our major new features offered with OfficeCalendar Version 11 is support for Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Windows 10. With OfficeCalendar Version 11, our development team has made all the tweaks necessary for OfficeCalendar to work smoothly with this new version of Outlook. Therefore, any OfficeCalendar customer that may have one or more users upgrade to Outlook 2016 will need to upgrade to OfficeCalendar Version 11.

Improved Offline Handling

Previous versions of OfficeCalendar for On Demand Server presented you the option of working offline in the event of the server not being reachable. One of the options for users was to “Work offline permanently”. If the user wasn’t careful, this setting could be chosen by accident, and the user would not know they set themselves Offline. We have removed that setting in the pop-up warning window, preventing the user from mistakenly going to an Offline status permanently. Now, the user will choose to either go back online by choosing “Sync at next scheduled sync interval”, or “Sync when Outlook is opened the next time”. You can still choose to “Work Offline” yourself via the Sync Settings screen.

Shorter Sync Time Options

Another frequent request from On Demand user was the ability to sync faster than every 10 minutes. So we chopped it in half. Now, with OfficeCalendar Version 11 you can sync every 5 minutes!

Improved Handling of Deleting Items

We have improved the way the product handles Outlook data after a reset of the OfficeCalendar Client or OfficeCalendar database has been performed. In prior versions, user folders would be removed and replaced after a reset, overwriting the data in those folders with data from the OfficeCalendar Server (as it should be doing per the reset function). In Version 11, we have changed the reset structure to place the replaced folders into the Deleted Items folder in Outlook. This provides yet another avenue for the user to recover data if that becomes necessary.

Update to .NET 4.5 technology framework

OfficeCalendar works on Microsoft’s popular .NET Technology Framework to move data from one computer and/or device to another. In fact, we were one of the first application developers to build Office add-ins using this technology starting back in 2003. Many great improvements, such as performance and security enhancement, are available with the latest version of .NET. However, taking a mature application like OfficeCalendar and updating the underlying architecture is no trivial matter. Never-the-less, we’ve put the development time, effort and resources into upgrading to the 4.5 Framework because of our continued commitment to the OfficeCalendar product line and our customer base.

Configuration file shield for Anti-Virus applications

We have seen several Antivirus applications delete OfficeCalendar’s configuration file (file that stores server connection/location). This became very annoying for OfficeCalendar users because they would have to re-enter their configuration/connection details quite often. So our engineers went to the drawing board and figured out how to create a shield for OfficeCalendar’s configuration files that prevents Antivirus applications from deleting it.

What to see what was added in previous Versions before Version 11?

If you haven’t upgraded OfficeCalendar in while and you are considering upgrading to version 11, you’ll also be adding feature and benefits from previous versions of OfficeCalendar. If you wish to review feature list from previous versions please click on the links below:

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How to get OfficeCalendar Version 11

If your organization has a current Annual Maintenance subscription you may log into your customer account and download OfficeCalendar Version 11 any time.

If your organization has never had a maintenance plan, or your maintenance plan has lapsed, simply log into your online customer account at and purchase/renew your maintenance plan; or call us toll free at 866-847-7512 (in the US and Canada) or 214-329-4500.

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