Detailed Feature List
System Requirements

OfficeCalendar Pricing

Quantity Price Per License Standard Upgrade Protection & Maintenance Plan Premium Upgrade Protection & Maintenance Plan
w/OfficeCalendar Online
1-4 $99.95 $15 per license $27 per license
5-10 $89.95 $15 per license $27 per license
11-20 $79.95 $15 per license $27 per license
21-50 $69.95 $15 per license $27 per license
51+ Call for pricing $15 per license $27 per license

OfficeCalendar Mobile Server

Quantity Price Per License
1+ $29.99

OfficeCalendar Upgrade Pricing

Quantity Price Per License
1-50 $39.95
51+ Call for pricing

How many licenses of OfficeCalendar do I need?

OfficeCalendar is licensed per defined User. This means that each User that is set up and created within the OfficeCalendar Server & Administration Console requires a license. For a more detailed explanation of licensing please see Additional Details.

Annual Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plans

The Premium and Standard Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plans for OfficeCalendar are annual plans inclusive of technical support assistance and product upgrades. For only $.75 per user per month more than Standard Maintenance, the Premium Maintenance Plan offers exclusive access to OfficeCalendar Online, a feature that allows you to access your Outlook calendars via the web. Both of the plans are optional, however for only pennies per day, they are the least expensive way to ensure that you have access to knowledgeable OfficeCalendar technicians and that your OfficeCalendar software is continually kept up to date and current with new technology. Additional Details.

Accepted Methods of Payment

* Visa

* MasterCard

* American Express

* Discover

* Company check

* Purchase Order (for orders of $1,500 or greater, requires pre-approval)

* Wire transfer (for order of $1,500 or greater, requires pre-approval)

Government, Not-for-Profit, & Educational Pricing

Upon verification of eligible status, government, not-for-profit, and educational institutions are eligible for a 10% discount off of the above published volume discounts for software licenses only. The 10% does not apply to Annual Maintenance fees.

Reseller Pricing

OfficeCalendar is available for resale through consultants and resellers of computer hardware and/or software. If you are interested in reselling OfficeCalendar, please submit your OfficeCalendar Reseller Application online. Upon verification of a valid tax id number, details of the OfficeCalendar reseller program, complete with reseller discounts, will be provided.

Return Policy

Lookout Software provides a 14-day fully functioning free trial version of our software, OfficeCalendar, which can be downloaded from our website at The purpose of the free trial is for prospective OfficeCalendar users to confirm that OfficeCalendar will function in their specific networking environments, with their specific hardware and software configurations, prior to purchase. Once OfficeCalendar is purchased, a digital license key is provided which converts the temporary free trial of OfficeCalendar into a permanently licensed product. After the OfficeCalendar digital license key is obtained, the purchase of OfficeCalendar is non-refundable. Prior to purchase, all prospective customers of Lookout Software should avail themselves of the OfficeCalendar free trial-period and the free trial technical support to ensure that OfficeCalendar meets their needs.

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