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What’s New in Version 11.5

OfficeCalendar Version 11.5 is an update to the Version 11.0 release, and contains these updated features/modifications:

  • Improved sync architecture to speed up sync times
  • Sync statistics displayed for users in Administration Console
  • Adjustments to OfficeCalendar Client Configuration screens to simplify setup
  • Added ability to stop sync while leaving Outlook open

What’s New in Version 11.5

Improved Sync Architecture for On Demand Server

The efficiency of the sync process, and how it handles the gathering of Outlook data during the sync, has been improved. This has achieved faster sync times and more stability in the data transfer process.

Individual User Sync Statistics

We have added a screen in the Support page of the Administration Console that lists the Last Successful Sync Times for each user. This speeds up the troubleshooting process, allowing the Administrator to see at a glance who is not successfully syncing from the OfficeCalendar Client in Outlook.

Simpler OfficeCalendar Client Configuration Screen Display

We have made some adjustments to the screen presentation in the OfficeCalendar Client in Outlook for Advanced Features. This helps alleviate some confusion for the majority of customers who do not use the Advanced Features.

Stop Sync Improvement

We added the ability for the user to stop the sync process without having to close Outlook.

How to see what was added in previous Versions before Version 11.5?

If you haven’t upgraded OfficeCalendar in a while, and you are considering upgrading to version 11.5, you’ll also be adding feature and benefits from previous versions of OfficeCalendar. If you wish to review feature list from previous versions please click on the links below:

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How to get OfficeCalendar Version 11.5

If your organization is currently using OfficeCalendar On Demand Server, there is nothing for you to do at this time. You receive any updates/upgrades automatically as part of your subscription. If you’re using a local OfficeCalendar Server, and your organization has a current Annual Maintenance subscription, you may log into your customer account and download OfficeCalendar Version 11.5 any time.

If your organization has never had a maintenance plan, or your maintenance plan has lapsed, simply log into your online customer account at and purchase/renew your maintenance plan; or call us toll free at 866-847-7512 (in the US and Canada) or 214-329-4500.

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