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What’s New in Version 8

OfficeCalendar Version 8 includes the most highly requested feature set by our user base since the release of Version 7: sharing Microsoft Outlook Notes. The sharing of Outlook Notes is implemented throughout the entire OfficeCalendar collaboration and sharing solution as you would expect… within Microsoft Outlook, OfficeCalendar Online’s browser interface, OfficeCalendar Online’s iPhone interface, and within the OfficeCalendar Mobile for BlackBerry.

Also included with Version 8 is support for the all-new 64-bit Edition of Microsoft Outlook 2010 (now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions); along with newly added options that allow you transition between offline and online modes more smoothly (for users that frequently work from remote locations).

Great care has gone into coding and testing OfficeCalendar Version 8. Whether you’re installing from scratch or updating over an existing version, OfficeCalendar V8 offers both a great feature set as well as a quick and easy implementation. Please read below to learn more details about OfficeCalendar Version 8.

NEW! Share Microsoft Outlook Notes

Outlook Notes are the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes and are typically used to jot down questions, ideas, reminders, etc. Now users can share their Outlook Notes with other users just like they do with Calendar, Contact and Task folders using OfficeCalendar Version 8. Version 8 also allows users to view, add and share Notes on the web using OfficeCalendar Online, BlackBerry devices using OfficeCalendar Mobile for BlackBerry, and iPhone devices using OfficeCalendar Online’s iPhone interface.

NEW! Support for Outlook 2010 64-bit Edition

With the launch of Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft has now released 64-bit editions of Outlook. OfficeCalendar Version 8 now fully supports Outlook 2010, including 64-bit editions. All features and functions of OfficeCalendar Version 8 have been tested and certified to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook.

NEW! Smoother transitioning between Online and Offline Modes

OfficeCalendar Version 8 has added new functionality and options when the “Work Offline” option is selected – “Work Offline until next time Outlook is started” or “Work Offline temporarily and attempt to reconnect on next scheduled sync”. These options make the transition between working Online and Offline smoother by automating future connections.

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How to get OfficeCalendar Version 8

If your organization has a current Annual Maintenance subscription you may log into your customer account and download OfficeCalendar Version 8 any time. However, in order to use OfficeCalendar On Demand (Hosted OfficeCalendar Server) and OfficeCalendar Online (Outlook web access feature) you must have a current Premium Annual Maintenance Plan.

If your organization has never had a maintenance plan, or your maintenance plan has lapsed, simply log into your online customer account at and purchase/renew your maintenance plan; or call us toll free at 866-847-7512 (in the US and Canada) or 214-329-4500.

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